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The Virginia General Assembly has introduced legislation to eliminate the vehicle safety inspection program. The governor indicates there is no research distinguishing the benfits between a state with a vehicle safety program and one without.

In looking at other states, Florida, Mississippi and South Carolina all saw their highway fatalities increase after they abolished their safety programs. In 2018 Mississippi and South Carolina ranked #1 and #2 as our nation’s deadliest highways. An independent study at the University of Texas concluded vehicles traveling the highway with safety defects are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal crash. The study supports keeping the inspection program in Texas.

In 2018, one in five vehicles failed the Virginia safety inspection procedure- that’s almost 1.7 million vehicles with safety defects. Many of these failures are critical components: 78% had steering or suspension violations, 44% had brake violations and 41% had tire violations.

If you agree, please sign our petition telling legislators you oppose the elimination of this program.

The data speaks for itself.

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Vehicles with Safety Defects
Brake Violations
Tire Violations

Virginia Coalition for Safe Vehicles

The Following Organizations belong to the Virginia Coalition for Safe Vehicles
and are opposing all legislation to eliminate the safety inspection program.

Virginia Automotive Association
Virginia Gasoline Marketers Council
Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association
Virginia State Police Association
Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and Foundation, Inc.

Virginia Professional Fire Fighters Association
Auto Care Association
Fraternal Order of Police
Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia
VA Trucking Association
Napa Auto Care Centers Hampton Roads
Napa Auto Care Centers Richmond


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